Obligations fulfilled by ElektroEko on your behalf:

  • Taking over the law – compliable collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE and portable accumulators and batteries;a
  • Reporting required by the law in the range of WEEE and portable accumulators and batteries;
  • Organising public educational campaigns concerning proper management of WEEE;
  • Providing efficient collection of WEEE and portable accumulators and batteries;
  • Comprehensive consulting and advice on the law regulating management of WEEE and portable accumulators and batteries.


Security and quality

Quality of our services is confirmed by international ISO certificates. Certificate 9001:2009 guarantees that ElektroEko implemented and uses Integrated System of Quality Management in the field of WEEE collection and treatment. Certificate ISO 14001:2005 assures that ElektroEko implemented and uses Environment Management System.

Full and comprehensive control over documents and equipment transfer is guaranteed by our authorial and unique on the market IT system -  EkoMaster, which guarantees a verification process on each stage of equipment and documents transfer.

Taking under consideration your security and comfort, we offer IT system  „Black Box”, which assures full data security through respectively built-in functionalities. „Black Box” system has been positively verified during the security audit conducted by European Network Security Institute (ENSI) -  PN-ISO/IEC27001:2007 standard in the range of data processing.

ElektroEko – reliable partner

Long-term experience and knowledge of the market, reliable and professional staff and efficiently functioning nationwide WEEE collection system are the most important factors determining the efficiency and quality of our activities. Our cooperation with leading processing plants from all over the country contributes to cost optimization of logistics, business security and the highest standard of service. All those elements cause that we fulfil your duties resulting from the Act on WEEE and the Act on portable accumulator and batteries in an efficient and secure way and according to the law.

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